Ryer Academy’s June 2015 Word of the Month

The Word of the Month at Ryer Academy for June 2015.
The Word of the Month at Ryer Academy in Shadyside for June 2015.

Every month for the last several years we highlight a word that we discuss during our Kids’ Martial Arts classes. We write the Word of the Month (WOM) on the whiteboard in the main lobby of the academy accompanied by a quote that carries some significance. In the past we have discussed words like respect, passion, and patience. The words are chosen to inspire and make the students think. More importantly, we encourage the kids to apply the word’s meaning throughout the month. The word of the month for June 2015 is “Continue”.

Last month Mr. Joel recommended that I should outline my thoughts about the WOM each week, so I’d like to give some direction to our conversations this month.

Week 1: What does the word continue mean? Why are we talking about it?
During week one, we will get to know the word continue. The definition of continue is to persist in an activity or process. The reason I’d like to talk about the word continue is because some of the kids made a commitment of respect in May. I wonder how many would continue doing it and who would not.

Week 2: What happens when we continue to do something?
During week two, we will talk about the benefits and the drawbacks of continuing to do something. We will highlight what happens if you continue doing something good as well as what happens if you continue doing something that is bad.

Week 3: What are things that we should continue to do and not do?
During week three, we will ask the children about some individual things they should continue to do and also if there is anything they should not continue to do.

Week 4: What have we learned about the power of continuing something?
During week four, we will review what we have learned and the power to persist in a certain activity or process.

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Ryer Academy’s June 2015 Word of the Month