What Kind of Karate or Martial Art Do We Teach?

This is the official crest of the Counterpoint Tactical System.

I had a nice conversation with parents about what type of Karate or Martial Art we teach at Ryer Academy. It’s a common question from people and as a member you might be asked by curious friends, so I thought I would explain what it is that we are teaching.

We teach the Counterpoint Tactical System. It’s a martial art founded by my teacher, Zach Whitson, and is taught in thirteen affiliated groups throughout the east coast and mid-west of the United States. The Counterpoint Tactical System is an integrated martial art for self-defense. The system’s largest traditional influence is Filipino Martial Arts, however, being an integrated martial art means we use elements of various arts based on range and strategy to have a balanced curriculum.

Our children’s curriculum is a minimized version of our Adult Counterpoint curriculum, organized in a tangible way for kids to learn. It is organized in five sections which are represented by our belt striping sequence: empty-hand techniques (blue), stand-up grappling techniques (green), grappling/ wrestling techniques (red), weapon techniques (brown), and verbal de-escalation techniques (black). This curriculum has proven itself successful in that we are able to teach a broad range and high level of martial arts skills. We are also seeing “martial arts kids” turn into “martial arts teens” and now becoming members of our adult program!

In a broad sense I say we teach martial arts, but hopefully next time you are asked what martial art or style of karate you take or your child takes, you’ll knowingly say, “…the Counterpoint Tactical System”.

Want to read more about the Counterpoint Tactical System? Visit the official website at www.tacticalmartialarts.com.

What Kind of Karate or Martial Art Do We Teach?