Martial Arts Memories – 1994 to 2008

Recently I used Legacybox, which digitizes your outdated pictures and videos, and I wanted to share the collection of martial arts pictures I received back. These pictures are some special moments from 1994 to 2008.

As a child, I loved all things martial arts and aspired to become a Ninja Turtle! It was my mom who thought instead of punching and kicking in the basement on my own, I’d be better off with formal lessons. So on my tenth birthday I was surprised with martial arts lessons and I haven’t look back. That love for all things martial arts has become my life and provides for those in my life. I’m also honored to share my love and knowledge of the martial arts with others. Though I never turned into that Ninja Turtle, I’m very grateful for what the martial arts have provided me and these pictures remind me of the positive influence and experiences one can have by practicing a martial art!

To view the album, click here.

Martial Arts Memories – 1994 to 2008

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